That Never Was
That Never Was

Awake and Dreaming

user image 2008-12-27
By: William
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Awake and Dreaming

<span style="color: #ff6600;"><span style="color: #ff6600;"><span style="color: #ffbf00;">Well, for my xmas gift to myself i stayed up all night and started a song around midnight on the 25th then finished it up in a hurry the 26th and posted it.<br /><br /> I knew it had some floyd sound to it but kept it in anyway, as I was just letting it all flow out of me in quiet desperation to just get something anything done. I have a bunch of songs started but just cant seem to finish them, so this was my way of letting me just do something from start to finish and let it go.<br /><br /> I cant speak for others except my multiple personalities, but I feel as if I am Awake and Dreaming sometimes................................<br /><br /> The song might pickup and continue at the end but who knows?<br /><br />William<br />Band----That Never Was</span></span></span>

12/28/08 02:17:07PM @tlt50:
Hey,,,bro:-) Great to hear a new track !!


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