That Never Was
That Never Was


user image 2009-02-25
By: William
Posted in: Butter

<p>&nbsp; Insane Weird Rock song.&nbsp; HOpe you like.</p>
<p>Bri-an on Drums,&nbsp; Brilliant Mixing, Sounds, Producer</p>
<p>That Never Was, Guitar, Bass, Vox</p>
Thanks Brian, I hope i dont lead you too far down the road to weirdness.&nbsp; ;)
<p>Cover Art Work By:&nbsp;&nbsp; Justjulz</p>
<p>&nbsp; She made this not hearing the song, but just from what little i told her about the song.&nbsp; And telling her the title is Butter.</p>
<br />
<p>&nbsp; Thank You!</p>

03/01/09 05:59:14AM @mel:
Loved the graphics on Butter! Beautiful art work, would love a link to her website if she has one! Melsi
02/27/09 02:06:36PM @blue-sahara:
William, this tune is excellent. Left you a review on your site :-)


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