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The Dave Ronald Project

What Do I Have To Lose

album: Don't Throw Stones
genre: Rock
streams: 96
creation date: 2011-12-24
purchase: mp3, 5.2MB, 00:03:53
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How do you tap into the millions of captive listeners?I'd like to know.How do you attract the ears of millions of music critics, and turn them into fans?I...
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Hard hitting uptempo Alt/Rock song with male vocals.
What Do I Have To Lose
Rob Grant
12/27/11 11:18:29AM @rayon-vert:
Hints of a Steve Wilson production. TIGHT druma and bass....LOVE that. Guitar work and tone is excellent. LOVED the vocals and effects. I like this style, very much.


12/25/11 10:20:43PM @josephrodz:
This is a great song,vocal,production with such power.
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