The Fine Chairs
The Fine Chairs
The Fine Chairs

(He's a) Liar

album: Sometimes We Find Ourselves in a State of Doubt
genre: Rock
streams: 18
creation date: 2022-08-16

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LIAR He doesn't care about the things we have in mindHe's always tryin' everything to keep us blindA fool who gives confidence in his handHe build his...
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The world is full of blockheads - dangerous blockheads!
(He's a) Liar
09/15/22 03:55:46AM @lodato:
You all rock. Love this vocal!
The Fine Chairs
08/16/22 07:04:06PM @the-fine-chairs:
Thanks for listening! Cheers TFC
08/16/22 03:41:03PM @bustert:
Fine Song with a good vibe-strong &straight...


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