The Sorrows of the Languedoc
The Sorrows of the Languedoc

Gnosis (repost)

album: Blah, blah!
genre: Alternative
streams: 133
creation date: 2010-01-02

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A moment of Catharsis reposted from last year I think - a morsel until the next tune is finished.  ftlpope
Gnosis (repost)
05/29/10 10:06:12PM @n-o-r-o-k-o:
very inspiring, great ideas through out the album....very unique music.

04/20/10 11:30:46AM @mark-reed:
This has a cathedral ambience which flows throughout. Some super dynamics just a great piece of music. I love the quality of this work. Nice one
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:45:08AM @incarnate-word:
This is different from your other pieces. The strings are great. I am a fan of strings. these strings sound nice and Fat. Great Job.
Lonesome wolf
03/13/10 12:43:00AM @paul-grimwood:
Very dreamlike song.
Very Haunting.
Very beautiful.
Great Work

01/17/10 06:37:29PM @n0mad23:
Love how you've translated the concept into a soundscape. You've got both talent and the skill to make really interesting music, and this track is certainly no exception.

Excellent. Rated and added to favorites.

01/04/10 01:38:39PM @bigpete:
Some really great repost here those last tracks, really glad you decided to share again, great sounding production, love the strings arrangements and the mood of this piece. Could sit well in any movie.
01/02/10 12:39:19PM @milla-kara:
Nice combination of guitar and low register strings /cellos, may be/, that give the piece some dark atmo and mysterious touch.I like this kind of music and find this way of composing quite exquisite and advanced. Great sounds here and very cinematic!
01/02/10 12:01:09PM @microjazz:
Nice work again as I have come to expect from your varied catalogue and multitude of diverse projects.


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