The Strangelights
The Strangelights

The Sexlife of Flowers

genre: Indie
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Yes I guess one could sayI am as loenly as can beI've come to the conclusionThere's no boy or girl for meMost of the othersIn similar druthers so drearyWould...
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Produced by Rick Lucas, Ned Bressler and The StrangelightsArranged & Performed by The StrangelightsComposed by Beau PhillipsCopyright 2008
The Sexlife of Flowers
06/08/10 07:15:09PM @the-revenge-of-the-cozyrs:
Hahaha - great lyrics my man - very interesting, very funny - and it matches the music perfectly. I've reviewed your solo stuff, too, and this is very similar in song style/structure - by which I mean I never really know where your songs are going to go next. They take all kinds of surprising detours - and they're never boring, that's for sure. I really dig the hard-panned vocals in the verses - I really haven't that very often - then they're panned with harmonies in the chorus - which sounds great. Great drumming during the choruses, too - amazing fills/rolls. Loving the guitar solo at 2:15 - it's all over the place (in a good way). Great song!
02/20/10 07:21:59PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Cannot think where this strange conglomeration of sounds originates from but noises leaking all over the place - great big sound and clever vocals. Good song guys. ftlpope


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