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Tonight Is The Night

genre: Christian Rock
streams: 9
creation date: 2023-01-02

Tonight Is The Night
01/25/23 02:59:10PM @theword66:
Hi Darren. You rock my friend. Thank you for this wonderful comment. I really dig your music as well. Always a pleasure rocking with you.
Darren Holland Project
01/25/23 08:23:01AM @darren-holland-project:
Fantastic rocking song. The guitar soars in, then the drums, then the vocals, and I feel like I am right there in front of the stage, and it blows me away!
01/03/23 04:41:30PM @theword66:
Hi Carol. Thank you so much for the kind words. We rock with a purpose and a positive message. We have been blessed to reach a very wide audience of Christian and non-Christian. We will have a new record out soon.
Please help us spread the word.

carol sue
01/03/23 10:51:09AM @carol-sue:
Wow factor! Too easy to listen to another tune from Word66. Thanks for sharing.
That's what I'm talking about... yess~ great Christian rock 'n roll. You all have been so very blessed with talent! ***** Bravo once again. Tour Kansas. :)


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