Ave Maria

album: Digital Opera
genre: Electronic
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Original work, "Ave Maria" by Franz Schubert. Composed for electronica by Bob Bello. Performed by Viki Bello.
Ave Maria
07/18/08 07:27:25AM @dazed:
awesome!! exception musicianship here but damn these vocals are to die for. stellar!! my father sang opera and did this song a few times but never with this kind of arrangement. Way to modernize it. Exquisite!
07/18/08 06:24:48AM @syngularity:
Hi Bob & Vike, I never thought that I would listen to a cooool version of "Ave Maria" one day! The most important thing is that Viki's voice is so adorable, nnd the electronic arrangement is playful and good. I know that not everyone will like these war noises and the special meaning you give to this song. But I love this. Thank you very very much for the download option!


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