Tom Hoelle
Tom Hoelle

Sweet Little Mina

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genre: Acoustic Rock
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Sweet Little Mina© 2008 Tom Hoelle   My boss says I’ve got a good shot at a partnership He even sent me on my own on this critical business trip My...
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This song will the opening tune for my next cd project... a concept album to tell a classic tale.  The subsequent songs will get rather dark and this bright...
Sweet Little Mina
Farrell Jackson
06/29/18 09:32:33AM @farrell-jackson:
Tom, I saw this pop up in the Mix charts. I haven't heard this song in a long time but it's still an excellent listen. I have the cd project that this song is the opener for and I would suggest all to give it a listen as a whole. From song to song, the entire cd tells the story of the original Count Dracula and it's done very creatively. Well done Tom!


02/13/17 01:06:09PM @vig-wig:
I too piggy-backed onto you and your music to see what the fuss was about, I was glad I did because this tune is really tight and catchy. It held me until the end. I like it.
05/31/09 01:03:03PM @vesa:
It's s cool rhtyhm; great vocals.. fine arrangement -fine rhythm; like the harmonies; fine acoustic guitar..., got me comin in here..shall return. Cheers. Dig it Tom. Like your blues. 'Sweet Little Mina' is real neat movin song...has a great harp. Like it.EXCELLENT. Down home earthy. Catchy.

09/14/08 11:22:54PM @tlt50:
Tom..... whew, totally cool track. The harp is sweet.Man this is some great songwriting, Tight and well produced....Thanks for sharing this...excellent musicianship. Kudos !!!


09/13/08 03:31:03PM @ab1:
saw your reviews.. thought i'd listen to you.. and this one is brand new..
like that honky tonk swing shuffle.. the blues harp is cool.. new old school.. vocals sound real good.. i'd call this 50s rock.. it has a very good sweet romantic pop vibe.. reminds me of brian wilson a bit.. must be the beach boys like melody line and some cool harmonies to go with it..
a fun tune tom.. thanks man.. :-)


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