Super Hero

album: super hero
genre: rock, songwriter, indie
streams: 16
creation date: 2022-10-15

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New single track featuring the great Ray brookes who kindly done the cellos for me ,
Super Hero
Eric Saitz
01/20/23 09:47:44PM @eric-saitz:
Hi Tristyn You know how much i love this song. I didn't know you had posted it here. Enjoying again

Farrell Jackson
12/23/22 11:04:50AM @farrell-jackson:
This is an excellent song and performance Trystyn. Your voice and the acoustic go so well together!

Farrell from Rayon Vert

Aira Winterland
12/02/22 08:28:13AM @aira-winterland:
Great acoustic guitar. Beautiful melody. Your voice is Wonderfull. The song captivated me in my first listen!


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