Forever's Never Far Away

album: SINGLE
genre: rock, songwriter, indie
streams: 18
creation date: 2023-08-18

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Must of forgot to upload this
Forever's Never Far Away
carol sue
08/25/23 07:09:57AM @carol-sue:
Precious this is! ❤️

Farrell Jackson
08/23/23 09:37:49AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent lyric writing Tristyn. You deliver them with a lot of emotion. The phase shifter on the lead guitar is cool to don't hear those used much lately. Nicely done.
Eric Saitz
08/18/23 04:35:02PM @eric-lee-saitz:
Great lyrics Tristyn. A heartfelt sincere vocal delivery. Well done!

Rob Grant
08/18/23 09:06:21AM @rob-grant:
Very touching lyrics. Your vocals are sincere. The song has a nice build up.


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