trosa voodoo
trosa voodoo

11 July 2008

album: Again on beginnig
genre: Alternative Rock
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11 July 2008
11/15/08 10:11:30PM @david-williard:
Sweet! I loved the grinding guitar set against the cheery rhythm. A good juxtaposition of moods and flavors all the way through. Well done! -Dave
07/23/08 07:24:38AM @gabriel-sabadi:
Excellent. Real nice groove with a very cheerful upbeat feel. Real nice wide production. Well done !!!!
07/12/08 08:26:04AM @dazed:
Sounds awesome!!! Love the various melodies in this song. This song is actually pretty dramatic with a lot of turns along the way. Digging the sound of the keys!

07/11/08 10:39:58PM @self-tort:
I love the melodic quality of this track. Unfortunatel I'm listening on pretty poor speakers and get the hint of things happening in the background that would undoubtedly sound better through the full speakers. There's a wonderful "pop" sense to the main melody of the piece, that is almost Abba-like. Love the keys and the tone of the guitar puts me in mind of Mike Oldfield in his lighter moments. Very enjoyable piece of music.



07/11/08 08:56:58PM @avalanche:
Hey Trosa...

This was a most enjoyable track to listen to. Wide open and airy...but full of great music. It has a really positive vibe about it. Nice keyboard sounds....lush voice pads...and really kewl guitar riffing. Really kewl!!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

Rob Grant
07/11/08 06:26:21PM @rayon-vert:
This is my style ALL OVER!!! Great sounds and instrumentation..........Loved the theme. I found it very cheery. I like the title too.........I should use those type titles on some of my songs......It feels like this song may have been one of thos sudden inspirations......a great mood song. I HOPE you take this in a positive way, as it is meant. I sometimes get sudden inspirations and theme just come out and a song is born in a day :-) GREAT SONG!!! I would have loved the DL.


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