Vahur Krautman
Vahur Krautman

Words Wouldn't Had Said It Better Than This

genre: Acoustic
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Words Wouldn't Had Said It Better Than This
08/21/11 08:14:34PM @tlt50:
Very hard to be critical of this.Eceptional....playing,pristine production...the acoustic guitar work with the piano....marvelous.This would be a hard track to mix..because of all the fabulous elements..! It boils down to ones tastes..whether..the piano ...pads, should be higher in the mix at places... Incredible song IMO !!!

Larry T..*****

the soul provider
08/23/11 11:23:40PM @the-soul-provider:
Beside a quiet and beautiful surreal stop.. by a alluring a remote part of the countryside in some part of America.. I sit and relax and contempt and day dream..and images. of an acoustic guitarist.. plays this heartfelt surreal lament to me..and I smile. feel and embrace everything he gives me and so much more besides..


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