Val Davis
Val Davis

All Over The World

album: Immortal
genre: Acoustic Rock
streams: 75

  Song Lyrics
Standing at ground zero the weight's too much to bearYou can feel it in your body, you can taste it in the airAnd this our greatest loss can't even be...
  Song Information
This is a song about an apathetic and self centered view of the world.    
All Over The World
10/23/10 04:21:09PM @michael-frazier:
Nice take on a tragic situation. A little Peter Gabriel in your vocal - very cool lyrics and you did a great job on the presentation. Love the slow sort of methodical delivery - like a machine grinding away. Cool tune. Enjoyed my listen. Michael
07/06/09 08:25:59AM @the-full-quid:
the lyrics a re great on this one . you have a solid recognizable stlye , nice song


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