On My Knees

album: Out Loud
genre: Christian Rock
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I try so hard to do what’s right I fall so hard I lose the fight I give it all Can’t do much more Then there I am Flat on the floor I’ll get back up Try it...
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Released August 2013 from the album "Out Loud" Written by Charlotte Donahue Lead & backing Vocals - Charlotte Donahue Lead & Rhythm Guitar - Chuck...
On My Knees
John R. Kennedy
10/30/13 12:38:24AM @john-r-kennedy:
WOW!! This is some pretty heavy sounding Christian music, but then I like big heavy sounding music myself and so I like it. Great instrumentation, arrangement, vocals and mix. Would have liked to hear the full version, but guess you sell your music. Mine is free, so stop by for a listen and download if you like. Great sound!!

Peace and Blessings, John


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