Sweet Magnolia (Corrado, Slap Johnson)

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genre: Instrumental
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creation date: 2009-06-02

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This song took on shape from a dobro country slide pickin', melodic , with a twist of an edge, then charmed wiith the lullaby of the piano, by Corrado,...
Sweet Magnolia (Corrado, Slap Johnson)
05/27/18 11:10:52PM @moequinn:
11/30/09 05:31:24PM @ed-drury:
Beautiful piece which seems to cross genres and eras. I hear a bit of Stephen Foster mixed with delta blues greats and some chamber music influence as well. Great tempo change in there. All instruments are balanced beautifully. Great stuff!
07/25/09 06:57:46PM @syngularity:
Beautiful collab,happy flow of guitars, master piano by our wonderful Corrado... and fantastic flutes - reminds a bit of Mike Oldfields wonderful early instrumentals. Thank you, friends :-)

07/11/09 10:37:52PM @vesa:
Thank you so kindly Hooker, Blue Period Blues, TCP, very kind great comments...means alot to me...& I can easily speak for my two collaborators, to say thanks from them,-- Corrado -grand piano & Steve 'Slap', on sweet it is...great talents they are.
Blue Period Blues
07/11/09 10:29:03AM @ramperampe:
A village fete. Somewhere down South.Three guys from all over the world pick up their instruments and begin to play.The Southern Belle who's been to town to watch Steel Magnolias hitches up her strapless sun dress and walks up to the ugliest boy in town, smiles and takes his hand and leads him to the dance...And the band played on...A happy tune !
07/10/09 09:40:46AM @tcp:
Vesa...a most entertaining piece from you for sure. It is a perfect length carrying the content superbly. And the interaction of slide, piano and flute melodies is wonderful. All are well played and very thoughtful. This may well be my fave from you. Excellent!!! Thoroughly enjoyed this....Blake
07/09/09 04:27:52PM @vesa:
Sountrapper said:(Very kind words Jeff).
Living in a small town in the deep south,I listen to your music and it's like the soundtrack of our life. Thanks for sharing your talent."-jeff

07/06/09 06:57:44PM @vesa:
Our song 'Sweet Magnolia' is now 'R', so if we are starting the most plays contest, then "All Right!!" as 'Slap' would say...thanks again for the many plays, & reviews...all's cool. Very fine summer vibes.
Brothers in Blues
07/02/09 10:30:27PM @brothers-in-blues:
This would be neat with some tablas added...after about 40 seconds...great build up...fine arranging,
& such good chemistry. Like it.

06/23/09 09:46:52AM @hydrogen3:
Vesa This is just beautiful!! You guys put together something really special here!!! Holley :)
02/04/10 07:19:59AM @mister-nervous:
Hello Vesa, Wes here. It's good to see your stuff's continued to grow and improve in my absence from mixposure. This is a sweet collaboration and I look forward to checking out more of your music soon.
06/14/09 07:40:55PM @vesa:
jenniferp said:
Had to come by and make my love of Sweet Magnolia known!! Just a beautiful BEAUTIFUL piece here Vesa! Thanks so much for the support during the CSP last night too :)

Brothers in Blues
06/11/09 11:03:50PM @brothers-in-blues:
It's Like a fusion of samba, country, blues, latin, instrumental, new age even, polynesian, Hawaiin, a waltz makes sense, 3/4 time,am I hearing that, can't count mmm? anyway = a might happy song.
06/11/09 10:23:00PM @vesa:
It's hit me as a kind of waltz, as watched dmy wife stroll across the living room floor, to the a happy mood, the 2nd part change is really taken to that higher level by all of us, however the flute gives it that extra latin touch...
Thanks so much again Erik & my sweet Carol...says it so

06/07/09 02:09:13PM @maxidogma:
Wow Vesa. The artistry and musicianship in this recording is beautiful. Hearing music like this inspires me to be a better musician. Thanks for sharing it with us mate. You have an international fanbase. :)
Your friend Maxidogma.

06/04/09 11:01:39PM @vesa:
Kelly Petite (my dearlistener friend) said:
"Oh my *dear God* Vesa, Sweet Magnolia made my heart swell!!!

Wow. Wow. Wow.

The flutes killed me! Almost Peruvian! And the sliding!!! Blues speak to the dirt in me; the salty earth*glow.

Thank you for sharing. INCREDIBLE!!!"


06/04/09 10:42:23PM @vesa:
Saturated said:
"Hey Vesa!.. Sweet Magnolia.. what an amazing tune! I love the mix of instruments here and the playing is outstanding! Very cool tune!"

06/04/09 10:40:17PM @vesa:
Adric said
"Hey Vesa! You do the folk sound so well! I really like this!" -Adric
Thank you.

Brothers in Blues
06/03/09 07:04:17PM @brothers-in-blues:
Sweet tune guys Wow yeah!!...a musical genre trip around the delta to Latin America & around the world...sweet; indeedy...looping it...great flute & piano.

06/03/09 04:23:51PM @corrado-rossi:
Thank you very much guys for all your comments!
And, Vesa, thanks so much for proposing me this amazing collab!it was my great pleasure to have fun on this, with your so enjoyable guitar and Slap's amazing flute!

06/03/09 08:35:48AM @richard-john:
Great tune! Nice unusual mix of instruments and textures with a memorable melody. Hard to pigeonhole the style (which is how I like it best!), almost seemed to be a sunny calypso feel to the latter half of the track. Some lovely acoustic chimes in that dobro sound. Really enjoyable(and original)collab!

06/03/09 06:22:51AM @scotty-c:
Vesa et al., Lovely tune. I really enjoy the Dobro sound and the arrangement was very nice. Good mix of instruments as well.


06/02/09 10:50:54PM @vesa:
I'm floored folks...thanks so much, & I just felt like it was mixed last nite...I've lost track of time, & that's a good sign. On behalf, of those late nite Amazing fellows, across the ocean amigos, sleeping after this lullaby of a latin wordly tune...I'll let them catch a breath & come on in. Much uplifted with all kinds of inspiring great words. Thank you for the uplifting words. -Vesa.
06/02/09 11:35:50AM @the-full-quid:
this is great , sweeet magnolia , a very creative instrumnetal song ,love the instruments used very nice and rootsy folk like .
I like to hear real instruments now and then
cool cheers

06/02/09 09:49:49AM @steakbone:
Wow trippy song!! The slide is excellent but that piano was really nice too and the flute was a great touch!! Fine job, young man...
06/02/09 05:43:46PM @bilbozo:
What a great title to describe this blossomed gem. Simply magical and captivating envoking a such a great positive mood. I thouroughly enjoyed everything. Great production and arrangement and the players well...if you listen to the song...what more is there to say? Cheers Buddy ! - Bilbozo
01/04/10 08:31:50AM @milla-kara:
Very sweet song, as the title gives a hint :). Wonderful collab between such a talented artists. I can hear my favotite instruments here in so beautiful harmony, bringing joy and great mood to the listener. Thank you for the pleasure!
06/02/09 01:04:22AM @planetjazzbass:
Sweet Magnolia..This tune is so it's passing you can literally smell it ..Like the sun coming out from behind a feels great when music touches you..tinkling rain droplets falling on the ears..superb! cheers planet
06/02/09 01:38:55AM @vesa:
Now this is a great start, wow, I was ready to nod off & it was like daytime all of a sudden ...thanks so much was a fun nite for us...(oh, people might wonder what that means (lol) Dancing we were. Planet, ma man from down under, you were too kind, thank you..
Corrado, and Slap, this was tyhe way, the melody, so guys made it feel so the fusion from country blues to latin style...I'm taken swept away...Incredible playing

Farrell Jackson
06/03/09 12:44:19PM @farrell-jackson:
Nice Vesa, Corrado, and Slap! This starts out in the Mississippi Delta and ends up sailing around the Caribbean islands. Very enjoyable and refreshing sound indeed!


07/08/09 02:38:47PM @the-tourist:
Vesa, this is an awesome piece. Really great dynamics and transitions throughout, with some taste and emotion in every note. Great work!
Rob Grant
06/02/09 05:55:40PM @rayon-vert:
Perfect track for a day like today......Very UP!! Very cheerie and fun!!! GREAT JOB, to you ALL!! Vesa....Smoke that dobro, bro!!!! Real enjoyable track!!

06/02/09 09:57:01PM @david-c-deal:
Each instrument sounds so innocent on this song. I love the interplay of instruments from 2 minutes on. It's like you guys have been playing together for decades. Fine piece.
David c Deal

06/27/09 08:17:48PM @vesa:
Robert Joseph said in the profile pg: appreciated this alot:( Thanks so much Robert)
"Hi Vesa! Sweet Magnolia! Yes it was. Reminds me a little of Moonlight Mile by the Stones . But more melodic and much more colorful. You keep that blues based guitar, and added a a wonderful mix of keys and woodwind.very surprising change of pace. Your not only a excellent Bluesman, but very versatile also. This is one of my Favs so far. Nice and beautiful listens! Peace RJ"

07/01/09 11:20:05AM @vesa:
Thank you Holley & Hooker for the great reviews/comments. I'm sure the other guys take those very well of course. Might have another up our sleeve, however summer makes for time to reflect.
Your kind words mean alot,-inspiring words. Thank you.

06/02/09 02:52:16PM @digger-stone:
great job all around, i enjoyd that very much!
and thanks for the heads up on this one vesa, you guys are deff. taking that slide in a very creative direction.



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