The Sky is Crying (collab. Corrado)

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genre: Blues
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creation date: 2009-10-25

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This a a slow meanering blues, with slide guitar & Corrdao adding his well done arranging the piano to compliment them blues.
The Sky is Crying (collab. Corrado)
carol sue
10/11/19 07:18:47PM @carol-sue:
Thought I'd come by and visit you too! :)
I remember this track and must say I enjoyed hearing it again.
Fine playing Vesa + Corrdao! Hope to hear some more great music from you!

Incarnate Word
03/17/10 07:02:01PM @incarnate-word:
this is really right on. Anyone that loves the blues will find this wonderful and innovative. excellent arrangement and writing structure, A skilled blues expressionist. Great Job
02/16/10 06:52:01PM @ben-dales:
Love the bluesy feel, you can see it being played at midnight in a downtown blues club. The piano compliments the slide guitar nicely. The guitar work is very tasteful and well done. Sounds like a good old jam session. Keep it up and good luck for the future!
01/10/10 01:54:13AM @hollie-sheard:
What an amazing performance. Two fantastic blues musicians just jamming away. It doesn't matter about the audio quality of the guitar - I think it adds to the authenticity, like an old scratchy record or something. This is seriously good stuff. I am in awe
11/27/09 04:01:20PM @henry-tarnecky:
Hey Vesa.... I see you're still at it man! Nice tinkling keys along with your jiving blues guitar on this one... I can picture you sitting in the kitchen with the piano man in the dining room... then leaning over to hit the stop button on the recording machine at the end.... right... cool!

been in hybernation workin on TCP project stuff... Henry

10/26/09 07:01:11AM @dazed:
yeah you have some fading on the guitar here and there. love the playing and interaction between the piano and guitar. The concern I have with it is that the guitar recording sounds like the old early blues recording sound yet the piano is clear as can be. It is like someone found and old recording and added piano.

Excellent job you two. I would either clear up the guitar or muddy up the piano hehe.

10/25/09 10:48:53PM @bigpete:
Great production again, great roots blues the way I like it dirty. There are some weird drop in the sound though don't know if its at my end or not, still great jam.


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