Jumpin' dem Blues (collab. Corrado)

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genre: Blues
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creation date: 2009-12-28

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This I started, more classic jump stuff, & passed it to Corrado Rossi added his impeccable piano styling, my Italian vrtuoso friend, now with our 7th...
Jumpin' dem Blues (collab. Corrado)
Incarnate Word
03/17/10 06:48:29PM @incarnate-word:
excellent piano blend. I love it , I had a feeling it was coming and it did. This is a pleasure to listen to. excellent Job.great performance.
01/02/10 03:03:45PM @david-c-deal:
A little boogie woogie blues at times, I do believe. Nice pleasing sound again from the two of you.
David c deal

01/02/10 03:03:33PM @david-c-deal:
A little boogie woogie blues at times, I do believe. Nice pleasing sound again from the two of you.
David c deal

12/31/09 08:22:40PM @vesa:
Thanks so much for all the FAB reviews. Corrado Rossi again did such a sweet playing; what a fine playing on that gand piano he does; give his site a listen- a great touch he has. Much appreciate all you folks listening/commenting.
HAPPIEST of the NEW YEAR...all the best.
See you in 2010-no world catastrophes, so we'll all easily move with the flow.
The best to you and yours. -Vesa.

David Lee
12/30/09 04:12:06PM @david-lee:
Nice. I dig them old skool blues. Reminds me of "Molten Mike"
Lyrical Princess
12/29/09 06:49:46PM @lyrical-princess:
Like the way this starts off, then picks up with Corrados wonderful touch of the piano.. This is one of my favorite collabs of yours.. Very nicely done. Kudos to the both of you..

All The Best for the up and coming New Year


12/29/09 03:53:05PM @vesa:
I thank you Corrado again. This was such a fun piece to do; more classic style, but has it's different playing styles and phrases, since you and I are creative. Most ENJOYABLE.
Thanks to all, this has been a nice holiday gift too, when one has friends that take the time to listen & comment; it was played on MixRadio last night, Corrado and I just put it up. Wow! That was sweet too. Great!

12/29/09 01:28:26PM @corrado-rossi:
Thanks guys for all the so kind comments... I really appreciate your support!
As always, it has been a pleasure to play with my good friend Vesa and I had a lot of fun.
Glad you liked it and Happy Holidays to you all!

12/28/09 08:57:55PM @vesa:
Like to Celebate our 8th collab. my friend Corrado. You amaze me with your piano touches. Thanks so much Corrado for your impeccable tasty piano playing, that just fits like it should, like dem ole blues guitar and piano blackbluesmen, I like so much. My fave duo instrument combination, pretty much. You made my day. Sounds GREAT!

12/28/09 09:47:20PM @josephrodz:
WOW!!! great groove and playing,congratz boys and keep swinging.
12/28/09 10:12:19PM @chris-moore:
Hey Vesa and Corrado! Been a long time since I've been over here on this page. Eighth collab - wow I don't think I've heard any but the first one. This is true classic stuff, great airy feel to it, very nice playing from both of you. Forgot for a moment that it's the middle of the night in the middle of winter! Thanks guys, Chris
Orplid Blues Band
12/29/09 07:33:07AM @orplid-blues-band:
Yes Vesa and Corrado you both made our day. Great traditional style - seems it was a nice time at the porch :-)
Greetings from OBB

stephan foster
12/30/09 06:54:08PM @stephan-foster:
Love this tune guys - all that is missing is the pop and scratch of a 78 rpm record. The real deal!

12/29/09 11:15:58AM @wrightdude:
Nice playin fellas! enjoyed!


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