Victoria Malchamp
Victoria Malchamp
Victoria Malchamp

Signal from the Past

genre: new age
streams: 127
creation date: 2022-09-11

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Signal from the Past - Victoria Malchamp
Signal from the Past
11/11/22 04:18:45AM @scanvoice:
Nice composition. i like the melody in this one.
I kind of wanna make a remix of this, so if thats oke with you let me know.
Grtzz ScanVoice

10/24/22 08:49:59PM @lodato:
what's that I hear in my head, a signal from the past.

I keep sing these lines to this.

Victoria Malchamp
09/16/22 07:07:47PM @victoria-malchamp:
@bustert:Thank you so much!
09/14/22 04:08:45PM @bustert:
an intensive quiet relaxed builded sound - see you walk...
Victoria Malchamp
09/14/22 12:04:52PM @victoria-malchamp:
@lodato:Thank you so much!
09/14/22 02:16:48AM @lodato:
Enjoying this one a lot. I like the chilled build.


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