Visual Cliff
Visual Cliff

Between Two Kingdoms

album: 2013 Between Two Kingdoms
genre: Christian Rock
streams: 131
creation date: 2013-12-30

  Song Information
This is the 9 min long title track to our latest full band album.
Between Two Kingdoms
Gary Shukoski
07/18/16 06:50:40PM @gary-shukoski:
Listening to this on MIX radio. I love the mood and movement of the song and the laid back chorus sound on the clean electric guitars. Great build up to the dirty guitars and the harmony stuff. The song gets very progressive near the middle!
10/07/15 08:44:28PM @starsaje:
Excellent! Sounds great and you are bold enough to sing about God. Very cool!
01/13/14 09:36:35PM @visual-cliff:
Thanks everyone!!
01/11/14 08:11:34PM @david-c-deal:
Sounds fantastic. Vocals are spot on. I love the feel of the intro. The many mood and style changes are all done smoothly. Great composition.
Farrell Jackson
01/06/14 05:12:51PM @farrell-jackson:
Real nice Rob and friends! Visual Cliff rocks with fine form!


Fender Bender
01/05/14 12:16:23PM @dave-coonrod-aka-fender-bender:
This is a very impressive, professional sounding, well written and produced track; epic comes to mind! Good job to all involved!
01/04/14 08:54:57PM @admin:
Rob this is awesome! Beautifully done with superb playing and vocals.


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