Waiting For Helen
Waiting For Helen

Circle of Life

Circle of Life
10/12/09 12:39:01PM @joel-tuttle:
very nice song...the beat is out of this world..no i won't say "to me". maybe if you played the beat at certain segments it would add depth here and there, like another chorus or change have it playing the beat all the sudden...excellent piece
10/11/09 01:21:08PM @mark-reed:
After the rush of your previous piece this provides a nice opportunity to sit back in the chair and soothe away the moment. This has a sweet percussion and rhythm sequence, love the open mood of the music and that guitar work. This is one I'll definitely come back to again. Excellent piece
Il Surrealista
10/11/09 01:18:03PM @bill-b:
Well produced pop production without vocals. In the begining has nice muted/melodic/distorted and compressed guitar work which initially does not distract from the uncompromised sound quality.


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