Waiting For Helen
Waiting For Helen

Good Good Woman

album: It's About Time
genre: Rock
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Good Good Woman
10/10/09 02:45:44PM @bigpete:
Great Blues Rock Boogie man this has me bopping just like SRV use to do to me and he still does even if he is dead, great production and real live sounding performance the way this genre of music should.
10/10/09 10:07:27AM @alan-stewart:
whew... can't get my foot to stop tapping.. great.. .well great everything.
10/10/09 07:02:47AM @mark-reed:
Tremendous piece of power blues, comes at you like a train. Instrumentals are excellent and the vocals crown the lot. Excellent song well done
10/09/09 01:57:26PM @waiting-for-helen:
I'm glad your liking my shtuff!
Thank you Jim!
Peace, Tony


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