Waiting For Helen
Waiting For Helen

Mary's Boogie

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genre: Rock
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Mary's Boogie
Farrell Jackson
07/08/14 10:45:07AM @farrell-jackson:
I always like a good rockin' guitar boogie and this one checks all the boxes for excellence and skillful play!


11/23/09 11:55:27AM @bigpete:
another kickass party rocker from Waiting for Helen, great production sounds real full from bottom to top and as usual a solid performance.
11/11/09 08:12:05AM @mark-reed:
this one comes of the gate with a bit of pace, Good solid backing with a bit of upfront finger work. Impressive bit of playing well done a very good track
11/09/09 08:21:51PM @seekers-after-smooth-things:
Wow! 60s stereo. There must be a higher incidence of RSI amongst Mix user than yer average population. This certainly adds the mushy peas to my fish and chips. Yeah. ftlpope


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