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Wild Horse Live Album Launch "When The Pool Is Occupied" Highlights by Dan Bridge

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Taken from Wild Horse's album launch party for their 5th album "When The Pool Is Occupied" on November 18th 2021.

The 18 track album is available to stream or download on all major platforms. See what these reviewers had to say about the album, then check it out for yourself.

“The new album, “When the Pool is Occupied”, is a wonderfully upbeat and soulful collection of 18 original songs reflecting on growing up in the modern world, relationships, addiction, mental health struggles and the long journey towards self-acceptance and self-love. Their sound seems to be influenced by an eclectic range of genres... from indie-pop to blue-eyed soul, R&B and funk to rock and roll.” BN1 Magazine – December 2021 Edition

“Well, let me say that Wild Horse has created a near-epic album running just over an hour in length, and featuring 18 wonderful tracks that span across genres from rousing post-punk bangers to angst-filled piano ballads to bouncy dance-pop gems. The songs explore issues related to growing up in the modern world, relationships, struggles with addiction and mental health, and the long journey towards self-acceptance and self-love.” Eclectic Music Lover

“The new album by Sussex trio Wild Horse is “When The Pool Is Occupied”. It represents the culmination of what has probably been the most significant stretch of their young careers so far (and they started early!)” . Trust The Doc – Edition 61

“I've heard the 18 tracks. No other Band, nowhere, no how could produce such a fly ass Album and leave the genres behind.” Brecon Reviews

“Experience Musical Mastery With Wild Horse's Latest Album.
The East Sussex-based boys are back and better than ever; the flaming trio Wild Horse releases their highly-anticipated 18-track album entitled 'When The Pool Is Occupied.'”
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