Wuz He Fuzzy

album: 2013
genre: Psychedelic Rock
streams: 185
creation date: 2013-02-16

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I see the lightAs I ride high tonightBut then your words of insolenceThey make my eyes so fuzzyIf you can't see past your 3rd degreeThen don't mess with...
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Jack Wright - Guitars, Drums Mark Walker - Bass, Vocals Nothing fuzzy was harmed during the production of this song! Thanks to Mark for taking on this...
Wuz He Fuzzy
P Eric Bailey
03/01/13 02:34:48PM @p-eric-bailey:
Jack, this is a really good piece of classic rock. The 2001 lines really add to the era perfectly. That sure was an awesome time for the development of the electric guitar with the driving bass, drums and the depth of lyricism.



Rob Grant
03/01/13 01:25:38PM @rayon-vert:
PSYCHEDELIC!!! VERY COOL!! MAN!!! I REALLY liked ecerything about the song. The vocals have a 70's retro psych sound.....The vocal tones are tough and the harmonies are GREAT!!! Kind of made me think of a HEAVY Brit Pop sound. The instrumentation is SUPER!!! Loved the bass lines and tone, the drums are driving and your guitar work is WILD as ever. REALLY glad I stopped bt today and got a listen. I hope you're doing well.

02/21/13 01:56:18PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Unreconstructed row that multilated my senses and guaranteed serious enjoyment. Yeah! Take me to another dimension, this has all the elements yo open the door. ftlpope.
02/17/13 12:41:39PM @bri-an:
...wow, has a Soundgarden/Alice in Chains/Floyd vibe...Unusual in that when the King Crimson Vibe breaks out, I get all discombobulated in thinking i can actually refine it to an one source...lol, Amazing content...fresh, and exciting to hear.
Great collab. Great work.

Farrell Jackson
02/17/13 11:35:52AM @farrell-jackson:
Oh yeah ya'll fuzzed this one up nicely! Great change up at 1:48. This is a real Space Odyssey. Good vocals and guitar work...heck it's all good, even HAL!


02/17/13 02:54:11PM @david-c-deal:
Very emotionally affecting song... the keyboard section in the center really made me smile of course. Lyrics are moving also.
02/17/13 04:18:33PM @wrightdude:
Thanks for the reviews folks!

Just wanted to add the lead in the "spacey" part is not keyboard... it is actually guitar through a Rockett WTF fuzz pedal. The WTF is a Paul Trombetta design, he is famous for the "horn like" quality of his fuzzes... add a dark analog delay and you have instant "guitar player imitating a keyboard player imitating a horn player" ;)

Also, the "tremelo" effect is a Catalinbread Teaser Stallion in oscillation mode into a square wave tremelo...

The "main" fuzz lines are Fairfield Circuitry Four Eyes Fuzz stacked into a Blackarts Toneworks Pharoah.

^^^ Yeah.... LOTS OF FUZZ!!!!

02/17/13 08:27:11PM @cooter:
Jack and Mark, what a killer tune, gents. I would say he wuz quite fuzzy. Excellent guitar work, and the vocal is spot on. On my 3rd listen now. Loved it the first time through, and still hearing something new and enjoyable each time.

Way cool, guys.


02/17/13 05:04:45PM @tlt50:
Love the groove.............musicianship,production and talents, kick musical butt !!!!! Freakin' sweet break....Totally in the pocket...incredible EFX, has a crazed vibe,which I admire. Jack and Mark....Bravo *****


Larry T


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