album: 20-19
genre: Fusion
streams: 453
creation date: 2019-01-12

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Spider is an old theme by Dimi. we gave new clothes. Most of it is improvised. Theres a great freedom in work this way, so many ways to go. Hope you enjoy...
carol sue
01/13/19 09:49:42AM @carol-sue:
Dimitri + Chris Georgiou~ great to hear you two back and making music again!
Love how this flows along.. relaxing.. adventurous.. and down-right awesome!!

Shine on and on!! ~Bravo! ✌️😎

01/13/19 09:06:09AM @wricky:
cool work guys, has the eclectic instrumentatiom and freeform groove that stands on its own or could be used for soundtrack to a movie or crime drama ~cheers!


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