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Just some weird stuff I came up with one night.
06/17/09 07:29:54AM @mel:
A very eerie start to Goth, setting the scene perfectly for a scary movie! Really super imagination Zac, got me turning on the light and looking behind me for sure!! You should try and put this forward for a film. Great production. Melsi
06/15/09 09:01:48AM @mark-reed:
This opens with a flurry, big drum sounds. Like how this moves into a very eerie sequence. I can see this as the backing for some mist shrouded horror scene, where the victim runs like the clappers through a darkened area, followed by something other worldly. cracking piece of music well done
06/15/09 10:10:01AM @orion:
this is definitely suited to a movie sequence. great piece of work. simple but effective.


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