Kick me when I'm Down

album: Buddrumming Mixposure Collabs
genre: Blues
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Mack really put some beautiful vocals to this one with some meaning......I think alot of people can relate to right now....Limey Luke is helping out on...
Kick me when I'm Down
11/21/10 02:00:38AM @jusananomaly:
I can tell you how many times I've listened to this song. This has got to by my soundtrack, because I'm hearing it constantly and like most DJ's on this site, I think we just can't stop playing. Awesome..my fav song on mix.

03/10/10 08:50:07PM @maxidogma:
Has the bluesy class I have come to expect from you Bud. Nice composition and I love the lyrics. Mack has done the song proud. :)
12/04/09 07:42:55PM @saturated:
Awesome work guys! Drums by buddrumming.. vox by mack.. how can you go wrong with that!! Love all the playing on this and the production is stellar!
Jasmine Tea
11/21/09 08:53:57PM @jasmine-tea:
I agree with Gina -- I think this one needs to be out there for the whole world to hear. It could stand up against the best of them.
05/16/11 09:24:38AM @marie-dailly:
One word, SUBLIME!!!!!!
11/21/09 12:54:04PM @dgm:
hey bud good song as always....d
11/20/09 10:56:47AM @jenn:
I love this song. Great job gentlemen! :)
11/19/09 06:38:24AM @sterlingstudios:
nicely done fellas.........sounds great
11/19/09 01:41:58AM @donna-austin:
sweet guys

11/18/09 07:45:08PM @planetjazzbass:
Holy Smokes!....Man they give medals for this sort of cool!..The more I hear of Mack's voice the more I think he did a deal with the devil! lol..Limey and the P Bear are literally smoking-HOT!..which brings us down to the skin man....You can't play any music at anytime without a foundation,be it technical expertise or rhythm fabric..You sir have all the boxes ticked..Putting the P back into professional...brilliant work! cheers planet :)
11/18/09 06:31:53PM @durod:
Aw man, this is TOO COOL! Smooooth bluuues..... LOVE IT. Very nice, VERY nice!
11/18/09 04:02:28PM @josephrodz:
Very smooth track,great collab.
Jasmine Tea
11/18/09 03:52:35PM @jasmine-tea:
This is one of my favorite songs. To me, it is musical perfection. It is well-written, well-performed, well-produced... but it also has that element of magic that you can't describe or manufacture. I play this one every chance I get. Even though it's the blues, it leaves me feeling good because I absolutely love it.
11/18/09 03:27:28PM @bilbozo:
Great Song Bud. This song has that minor blues feel of sorrow and solitude. This baby is the genuine article. It's hard to drum a slow sad groove and you pulled it off in spades. Fantastic production, instrumentation and mix. You rock bro ! - Bilbozo
Farrell Jackson
11/03/09 11:15:19AM @farrell-jackson:
Excellent, excellent collab guys! Mack's bluesy vocal is a perfect fit! Limey's acoustic guitar puts the wooden soul into it along with Ked's tasteful guitar work, both are top notch. Bud the drums sound great as does the whole recording and mix! Excellent!!!!!!!


Incarnate Word
09/09/09 03:36:04PM @incarnate-word:
to me there is a spooky familure rareity to this . I cannot put my finger on it however if if I could it would be something in the the area of there are famious expressions that only music can express. this is one of those rare times caught on tape or digitial space, which ever may be the case, inotherwords, Top Shelf blues, down home soulful music, thank you for sharing it. Rolla IW
11/01/09 04:09:39PM @autopilot-club:
hm, can`t believe I haven`t commented on this gem before, as it is one of my favs on MixP. Love all aspects of this recording, makes me wanna grab a beer, chill out and just let nostalgia kick in.
Lyrical Princess
07/10/09 12:33:05AM @lyrical-princess:
Oh, One more thing.. It gets a full 5***** rating from me :)

Lyrical Princess
07/10/09 12:31:19AM @lyrical-princess:
Hey Bud, I have listened to and enjoyed "Kick Me When I'm Down", several times now... It's one of those songs that just grows on you. When I first heard it, I was probably about a quarter of the way through it before I realised Mack was doing the vocals.. Is a very different style for him & he pulled it off Beautifully.. He did a Fantastic job and so did everyone else involved.. As always, Excellent drumming!! Love everything about it.. Another Awesome Collab :)

All The Best,

07/09/09 03:54:48PM @wrightdude:
Oh yeah... this one is right in the pocket! Really great vocals! acoustic and electric guitars very tasty! well done!
Rob Grant
07/06/09 05:24:22PM @rayon-vert:
Guys.....This is NICE!!! With a BIG N!!!! Mack your blues vox and phrasing are perfect. KED always does me in with his tasteful tones and playing, with Limey Luke setting a nice pace with some tasteful acoustic riffing. Bud, you're rhythm section is steady, strong and full of subtle punch.....perfect for a pushing blues song.

07/06/09 11:51:17AM @vesa:
Hey Bud...I have to agree with Jim...it is a wonderful wonderous song. Everyone put their heart and best singing and playing to this number. It will stand out for a long time, as a SUPERB composition. Great chemistry that can't be beat. Fine indeed. Loved it...in my faves for more listens. Ain't going to let that one go drift off. -Great Bud & group.
-Your friend. -Vesa.

07/06/09 08:32:58AM @the-full-quid:
hey budrummer, great song , love this acoustic blues songs , great vocals , yeah great vocals . mmmm this sis so good , that lead guitar solo is killer .
07/06/09 06:35:23AM @durod:
From the first to the last note, this tune is first class. I never heard the first mix, but I can tell you that you nailed it on this one! Vocals are smooooth, bass line is very cool, guitar work sings a song of it's own and the drums are set back just right. Beautiful blues and a great job.
07/05/09 10:33:02PM @david-c-deal:
Honest blues production guys. You all are tops on your instruments and boy does it show! congrats.

07/12/09 06:33:23AM @planetjazzbass:
Hey Man...it's the hardest gig in town to do the blues that floors people..this is better than good it's balanced between brilliant and perfect..best blues I've heard in a month of Sundays..every corner of this piece glows..outstanding effort that's totally professional from the mind to the mastering..superb!..cheers planet :)
08/27/09 05:54:11PM @bigpete:
great production, must have been done in a million dollar studio, lol. Great track, even if everything is great in my life it gave me the blues out of nowhere, lol, great classic feel, this could be B.B. or John Lee, five stars my Canadian Brother
07/09/09 09:50:55PM @mike-kohlgraf:
What an AWESOME collaboration!!! I love every second of it! EVERYTHING is so well done, from instrumentation to vocals to lyrics!!! Oh yeah, thanks for sending this to me... I'll play it on SNR!!!!!!!!

WHAT an AWESOME song!!!


07/26/09 05:55:33AM @robert-smith:
Yeah - great feel. Excellent playing all round!

Smooth guitar, a great gentle touch on the drums and a true blue vocal make this a great listen.

Great! - Rob

12/02/09 10:58:20PM @elanie11:
Love it!!what a fantastic voice Mack, Budd your track are superb, it blended well of the smoothness of Mack's voice. You Guys are brilliant! Keep up the excellent work!!

Apple! Elanie LOL

12/13/09 12:43:02PM @wrightdude:
Very nice slow blues vampy groove! Tasty guitar playing... excellent vocals well suited for this style!
12/03/09 08:32:11PM @hydrogen3:
WOW!!!!! VERY nice! Awesome job done by all!!! Holley :)
11/13/09 02:50:52PM @henry-correy:
Wow !
This is a great , great Blues tune !

07/08/09 07:18:20AM @mel:
Mack, what super bluesy vocals here singing this wonderful smooth song. Great guitar playing and chilled drum beat throughout. Kick Me When I'm Down has great and meaningful lyrics, and all round great collab guys! Another A Star from me. Melsi
12/03/09 07:28:37PM @fuser:
Great song Bud, outstanding drumming as always!!



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