I Know I Am - Nanaimo's little rocker Ian Perry

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Duration: 00:02:48
I Know I Am - Ian Perry - vocals - guitars - bass & drums

WOW! Master blaster God of the guitar.I LOVE IT.Great singer and a great guitarist.The next Jimi Hendrix -Searlait Queena

In era where auto-tune and synth music rules the airways this tune is a very refreshing break from all that garbage on the radio. I am so glad to see real talent like this is alive. Love it! Joe Funktastic - Producer in Boston, Massachusetts

Big smile to the little star! :) How awesome to be rockin' at such a young age,
and you know what... this is really good!!

Fantastic song and talents~
Congratulations to you all! =Bravo - Carol Sue (Mixposure)

This young rocker is showing some real promise! - Farrell Jackson

This one is a pure rocker indeed! 10/10 - Metal Master Joseph Rodriquez

Great to be in the studio to hear Ian today. He's an amazing talent when it comes to guitar playing and songwriting. - Bill Smith (Bilbozo)

When Ian first played me this tune I thought the hook was so catchy... wow, we finally got this tune in the studio.... Ian has been playing this tune live for months... well, from the boyz in the band...we hope you enjoy Ian Perry's "I Know I Am." - producer Buddrumming

"I Know I Am" written and arranged by Ian Perry - Art work Buddrumming - produced, engineered, filmed & mixed by Kevin (Buddrumming) Marcy- Buddrumming Studios (Nanaimo B.C. Canada) Socan 2014


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