Europa Jazz - David Herman - Bill Smith - Kevin Marcy (Buddrumming)

Category: Music
Duration: 00:04:26
This is a smooth jazz fusion take of the Santana classic. We wanted to try it with a laid back and different approach. This features also the great talent of trumpet mastery of fellow bandmate from La Familia, David Herman, percussionist and drummer Bud Marcy and myself on guitar. Keys and Bass by Bobby B. We hope you enjoy it! Bill Smith

Earths Cry Heavens Smile.
Man that is an awesome cover bro! Santana is one of my idols and you just did him proud with this rendition mi amigo. Beautiful, soulful, melodic all rolled up in one, which is a hallmark of Santana's playing style. So much to love in here, the articulation, the fluidity, the tone - especial the tone ! You made that PRS cry man. I thoroughly dig it. And gotta give some major props to the other talent on this - Dave, Bud and Bobby. Wow, amazing musicians one and all! Immediate fave and straight to download you go !!!
- Neomorpheus

I've never heard Santana, but, I guess I don't really have to since this is good enough for me. I would enjoy listening to this on a long relaxing ride. The feeling in your muzic always comes through! :-) - Patricia Edwards

wonderful take fellows , that trumpet solo really has a lot of good moves in there and the call/return with the guitar parts makes it authentic , well done! - Wricky


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