Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records
Duncan J White productions inc Stick It records

2020 - 10th Jan News.

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By: Stickman
Posted in: 2020 - 7th January news

Last week, we concentrated on the last section of the track - “Crazy Man”.  We decided to add a brass section and maybe a few vocal phrases.  We will continue to work on these parts and then it is more or less finished.  After that we mix and master the track.  That was on the 3rd Jan.  Today, the 10th Jan, again we checked over the track making sure it sounded right and ironed out a few things.  We now have to decide on whether we are happy with the sounds that make up the track.  There is still lots to do and then a rough mix will be done.  It will get sent to me, I will listen to it to decide if it’s OK and if it is, then a proper mix will be done and finally the track will be mastered.


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