Ed Drury
Ed Drury


album: -isms
genre: New Age
streams: 75

04/20/10 12:44:45AM @slarou:
I neede your music sounds and spirit so i stopped by...Water and air...fire and earth this is what I am feiling in..The ether is also unificating....
I needed less than what i found....Grooving peace

03/18/10 01:50:29PM @brian-mattson:
Nice 'spacial', New Age track. This style typically takes a long time to develop, yet you keep the listeners interest. It's a tricky balance, and you handle it well. Nice job.


Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:28:03AM @incarnate-word:
Very Transcendental in nature and very much in the genera of music I prefer to create. I like this very much. Excellent Job.
02/14/10 05:22:25PM @ben-dales:
Cool sounds. Like the didgeridoo throughout the song, works well with the other melody. The track builds up pace and intensity nicely at the start. A very New Age sounding song. Would have liked more of a change towards the end of the track, something dramatic. But maybe this is a genre specific approach. Good work, keep it up.
02/05/10 06:42:34PM @gary-reed:
Nice job. Made me "feel like I was there."
02/06/10 04:49:44AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Unlucky Ed to post in the middle of blizzard of Microscapegoat tunes (I'd repost this if I were you). Very minimal atmospheric smoldering excursion didgeridoo chuntering in the background and adding to the momentum. Yeah enjoyable. ftlpope.


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