Ed Drury
Ed Drury


album: -isms
genre: Ambient
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03/10/12 10:26:37AM @the-matrix-hour:
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05/02/10 01:20:19PM @mark-cloutier:
Man the birds take me to the jungle!So clear in production and you are the master of ambience!Lovely piece of work Ed! I think the beat really sets this off in the right direction-the flute is gorgeous!!
03/28/10 09:46:50AM @ks:
I didn't know birds were excellent sight readers? And how did you keep them so focused and orderly for the recording? You paid them more than scale?
I guess you only get birds from the ornithological society Local 12? lol....

Man, this piece brings me right into a specific form of nature that is not the nature I immerse myself in from one day to the next.
Lovely soothing sounds with that ever present didj pulsating as if it was canvas of the piece.
Your didj playing should be used for a piece based on String theory. It's perfect for it!

A really nice creation Ed...I can easily sense your passion for nature and your place in it. It appears, and safely so, you are not illusioned by a divide that some may feel. There is no divide in nature by any stretch of the imagination and your music helps to extinguish any pre-conceived ideas that a divide exists...

Well, that's what I get out of your music...

03/10/10 01:49:41PM @microjazz:
This is a great mix of sounds. The marriage of a North American Indian flute with a Digereedoo really works - great stuff.
Incarnate Word
03/10/10 12:25:18AM @incarnate-word:
This is some really killer music. this is very interesting again this is a very unique approach to a musical direction. This is very well produced. Great Job.
01/14/10 04:35:10PM @microjazz:
Nice interesting ambient soundscapes and mix of different sound elements in this - very enjoyable.
12/02/09 04:26:42AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
By an accident of juxtaposition this sounded like a continuation of the previous tune - quite sparse in parts (you love your didgeridoo - never got a sound out mine and it now serves as potential home defense weapon) and the great beat creates a sense of anticipation - strangely the 'birds' sound more threatening than comforting. Good stuff ftlpope.
12/06/09 04:07:34PM @syntopia-music:
Hello Ed, great ambient soundworld with a fantastic melody line. I like the peaceful birds and the textures. great work
Luca Wulf
12/15/09 03:37:47PM @huge-artist:
I have this vision of the modern day shaman,we would probably call him a cyberpunk,but he essentialy remains the same.
Atuned to his world.
I see the fusion in his mind,tree and circuit board,leaf and osiclator.
I guess in essence,what comes out is more important than what made it go in in the first place,but I do like to consider these abstracts.

What DOES come out is simply beautiful.
It conjuers images that I have no words for,perhaps it harks back to something far deeper,or perhaps to something that is yet to come.
It's beyond tribal,unless all of humanitya t last recognises the one tribe state.
Beautiful work Ed.



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