Ed Drury
Ed Drury


album: -isms
genre: Art Rock
streams: 60

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 Kind of twisted didj plus keys jam.
04/24/10 09:56:14AM @bigpete:
another great fusion vibe from the master, wow great production, love the clean sound of the percs so we can really enjoy the master you are at playing these, beautiful work again.
Mista Perez
04/21/10 01:02:10PM @mista-perez:
I like the digi doo dad doo run run. However, what I like about this the most is the overall mix. The clean sounds that integrate so beautifully are a great listen. Fantastic production on this one my friend.
04/21/10 08:19:53AM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
I had to Wiki agapism - did anyone else? Yes I agree with Dace, very entrancing the Digeridoo drone is the wave on which this music is driven and the percussion the engine. Entrancing of course. ftlpope
11/14/10 10:34:15PM @ed-drury:
Thanks Jim! Great to hear from you as always. Doing fine, bit busy at the moment but hopefully will get back into the swing of things here on mix and other places.


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