hooyoosay "Come on" EP Review

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hooyoosay "Come on" EP Review

Few artists are able to provide listeners with a full semblance of the band’s nuance in the course of two tracks. hooyoosay has stuffed each track on this single with enough passion and aplomb to keep things lively.

"Come On" is a track that touches upon the sixties and eighties with a bouncy beat and a surfish vibe that permeates all points of the song. There is a tautness to the different elements of hooyoosay that make for a single-worthy track. For those that are more concerned about the quality of the instrumentation, the band is able to create something dense and detailed without losing the friendly sound that is present here. Throw in a sizzling guitar line at points and one will be provided with a track that will get people up and dancing. Tapping out before the three-minute mark, "Come On" is a highly energetic track that allows the band ample opportunity to introduce themselves to listeners.

"The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" is the B-side to "Come On" in name only; the track has hints of country and western along with southern rock. With a honky-tonk cherry that is at the top of this musical sundae, hooyoosay are able to create something that is decidedly different from other tracks in their repertoire. The inclusion of a harmonica into the mix provides additional nuance and layers which listeners can further dissect. The vocals/guitar/drum dynamic is still extremely sweet, but the band is able to keep things fresh and interesting with this minor change. The band ends up 2 for 2 on this EP, and will undoubtedly make converts with this release.

Visit the hooyoosay website for more information about the band and for ample samples and photos of the act. Let us know what you think about the "Come On" / "The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man" single.

Rating: 8.3/10

hooyoosay - Come on & The under assistant West Coast promotion man

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