Inman Street

album: Ms. P's Compositions
genre: Indy Chill
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No Lyrics. Just embrace the message of Growing.... Ms. P
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I have undergone a tremendous change in life since being here on Inman St. West End ATL! <<--(( YES!!! I have to attest the name of this song was...
Inman Street
01/01/18 01:05:14PM @ms-p:
Thank you Hooyoosay.
Growing into oneself sometimes is easy for some, for me it took 53 years of trying to be something
I wasn't. The last thing my mom said to me was, "be yourself. If you are my daughter in spirit and heart, then be that openly, don't hide". Those words touched me in ways no other has. I am embracing that which was hidden and have "come out of the closet so to speak". Thanks for the reviews.

01/01/18 08:11:22AM @hooyoosay:
Nice atmosphere, touching and encouraging story about the naming of the song.
12/31/17 05:33:18PM @ms-p:
Thanks for the nice review.
12/31/17 05:28:13PM @wricky:
sweet composition work and to my ears good instrument choices on these twists and turns, ~cheers!


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