Jeff Nesbit
Jeff Nesbit

When the good thing comes down

album: Here...Take one
genre: Blues
streams: 301

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This a song that I finally added a Bass line to and re-mixed. The end product is not the best but I think it is a lot better than my first experiments.....
When the good thing comes down
Mike Prather
11/30/09 11:40:01PM @mike-prather:
Digging the style .. works great for me .. Enjoyed it.


11/25/09 11:07:30PM @digger-stone:
killer rock right here! very nice bro.


11/25/09 05:26:15PM @avalanche:
Hi Jeff...

Great "southern" vibe on this one....but with a real edge. Nice guitar sounds and the vocals rock! Cool stuff!

Hugs...Mike (NAV)

11/25/09 07:46:42AM @jackson-hart:
Great stuff Jeff!...Nice playing with that raw sound...and fits this number perfectly...Just an awesome track Jeff...totally killer! -Gary-
11/24/09 04:26:59PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
There has been a lot of blues on the Mix recently but this is the one that has got me - just looked at your home page and I say to you that rawness is a badge of honour we must wear - the best blues track (apart from RW) for ages. Gonna check the rest. ftlpope


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