Electric Shadow
Electric Shadow

My Dying Day

album: Hard Road
genre: Mild
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My Dying Day
Martin Valins
08/20/18 01:11:06PM @martin-valins:
Beautiful song so well played !!
08/02/18 07:48:11PM @anubis37:
What a great tune! Perfect!
08/02/18 04:56:00PM @jerrywillard:
I want to thank you guys for your kind words 😎🎸✌
08/02/18 03:46:55PM @tlt50:
Such a heartfelt song, performed with passion and love. Well done Jerry. ***** :)

Larry T.

08/02/18 02:08:09PM @lodato:
This is a slice of romantic originality. I like the urgency in your vocal. Like these were the last words you’ll get to sing. All very musical. Lyrics are heartfelt.


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