Cat's Paw (Jim, Cooter, Kerrin)

genre: Alternative Rock
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Jim: Bass, guitars, mandolin, mix... Cooter vocals, lyrics. Kerrin: bass drum and dub siren. Marlon Kempmann mastered this, and we miss him. 
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Collab with the Legendary Folk Hero Cooter, Kerrin and me. 
Cat's Paw (Jim, Cooter, Kerrin)
Michael Slider
08/18/21 04:54:35PM @slider:
Smokin hot !!!
The Gigglefits
11/12/20 12:42:37PM @the-gigglefits:
This Rocks loving this track great vibe.
05/02/20 10:21:20PM @lodato:
Love love love the vibe going down here!
05/01/20 12:16:29PM @bad-love-junkie:
Hi guys. This is a one kick ass track.. I'm digging the vibe big time. Heavy but still has that alternative feel to it. Really enjoyed!

04/30/20 07:05:14PM @cooter:
Yep. Lots of fun. And I miss Marlon, too.
04/30/20 04:38:28PM @jimsae:
Thanks for the kind words, folks! We had a great time doing this one!
carol sue
04/29/20 06:47:28PM @carol-sue:
Killer music with smile making twists and turns! :)
::encore:: *****

Farrell Jackson
04/28/20 11:52:27AM @farrell-jackson:
A great collaboration and song.....applause to all involved! I dig the tempo change ups and all the extras you've put into this. Even my years of abused ears can hear the quality in this recording. Bravo, JAE, Kerrin, Cooter, and Marlon!


04/28/20 12:42:28AM @anubis37:
This reminds me so much of the stuff my friend John McGill and I did many years ago, and I only say that because I absolutely LOVED John's stuff and I love this just as much! Excellent! You all rock!


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