Eric has a few things to say about a bio: 

"Artist Bio?
To me a bio is for someone who is no longer creating. Who really cares what I’ve done or not done in the past? I don’t have a long sad tale to tell. I will never be anyone’s hero. I’m not famous (obviously) and I don’t care. I prefer the darkness to the spotlight. If you want to know who I am: just listen to my music. It’s all there. The ups, the downs and all the in-between bull ...The name BAD LOVE JUNKIE is self-explanatory. I embrace my dark side. From country, folk, to pop, I love everything and anything that is good. And I do it all. My motif depends on what’s happening in my life at the moment. Life will change from day to day. Hell from minute to minute. I won’t be the same person tomorrow that I am today. And neither will you. A musical hero? I’ve never had one, but the closest thing to it would be the late great Townes Van Zandt. I release a new album not when the timing is right but when it’s time. I’m always working on the next song, or the last, last song. I’m forever trying to shake some bad habit, buying my time until a new one comes along. I change. But the one thing that will never change is I will always write from the heart.
And if you’re still here reading this. Maybe these songs will touch you.

My life is always an open book.
And the story of my life is in my music
Peace Eric
Bad Love Junkie"


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It was suggested by Ron Bowes that we should have an Outstanding Fan Award, and that the best person on the site to receive that award should be none other than Moe Quinn ! A wonderful suggestion for a great fan. Maureen has been to practically every show, has supported the many artists, even purchasing their music. Congrats, Moe! This is well deserved! 


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