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We've selected Tedd-Z-Brainplant for Artist Of The Month April 2024: 

Tedd-Z-Brainplant is an electronic artist from Coventry, England. He's been on the site for a number of years, and has consistently made amazing music. https://mixposure.com/tedd-z-brainplant/audio


Song Of The Month is Mannequin from Mizieya:Mannequin

Notes From Underground.jpg

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Artist Of The Month January 2024 is Dewey Comhreir and Song Of The Month is "That Shine" from Tattered Sons! About Dewey: "I grew up in Melrose, MA playing the violin in elementary school. Stayed with the violin until middle school where I got my first acoustic guitar. I started taking lessons from Bill Harmon at    Sarrin Music School    in Wakefield, MA. Bill taught me until he had suggested that I meet his guitar instructor Mike Turner of Woburn, MA. While studying under Mike Turner I was a part of a few band ensembles. Playing Hard rock music and playing gigs at the University of Lowell. Writing music for an alt rock band and getting air play at Salem State College radio. Playing in a country rock band and touring the North east market from Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut as well as Massachusetts.  During all of this time I have been working and writing music with Mike Turner in his home studio. Together we created several songs and demos. As work I taught at the    Melrose Music Shop    under Scott Beckwith. (Currently now owned by Steve Pina, another former student of Mike Turner). There I helped Scott endorse his line of custom guitars from    Birdsong Guitars  . Scott was able to build for me 3 guitars. The “Dewey Double Fusion”, The “Dewey Bass-ic” and a customer 9 string guitar (modified Peavey t-60 guitar). I also started to build my own label called Dew Syn Sounds (formerly Sky Kid Laboratories and Kokopelli Syntax Sounds). Here I have recorded several albums for copyright sales and purchase. Since then I have moved to Colorado and re-established my studios in Denver, CO. I have been making instrumental music which I am now making available for purchasing and streaming."

Eric Dewey 2021.jpg

You can hear Dewey's music right here: https://mixposure.com/dewey-comhreir/audio


" That Shine" you can hear right here, from Tattered Sons:That Shine

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Happy New Year, Folks!

By JimsAE, 2023-12-30

Happy New Year, Everybody! 


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Catia Dignard: Canadian Jazz & folk singer-songwriter, based in Toronto and originally from Montréal, Québec. Jazz as the base, modernized, atmospheric ambiance, and mysterious moods, leading the listener to the realm of sensuous.

a0398278458_10.jpg LadyReef.JPG

Song Of The Month is from Atlantica "Out In The Cold," and it is a rerecording of the former song of the month, a brilliant track: 


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New Kingstorm CD is Finished!

By JimsAE, 2023-04-25

Destiny is the third CD from Kingstorm, featuring Ron D. Bowes(vocals), Joseph Rodriguez(guitar) and Jose' Ruiz(drums)


If you would like to have a copy of this fantastic CD, go here: 


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This was a fantastic interview with the Super Distorter guys from Michael Fisher (Animal Souls).

326091893_721519145985822_3893551216404231201_n.jpg The FishMix on Mixposure.com (Wednesday February 1, 2023)

  Click that link to hear the podcast. 

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Halloween Song Contest 2022!

By JimsAE, 2022-10-16

Halloween Song Contest! Winner of the contest was announced October 31, 2022. And the winner was Warrioth & Rowley Someone At The Door, and you can hear it right here: https://mixposure.com/the-jammiestbitsofjam/audio/31393/someone-at-the-dooreverything-but-the-kitchen-sink-remix


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It is out! The new CD Nymphomania Blues from Ron D Bowes is out! 

Band Page

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