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After a lifetime of songwriting, Chuck Bechard brought his music to life with the band, Something Picaso.  In 2006 the band released their first album,  Into The Light.      The album was released through CDBABY and landed on all the major platforms.  It received positive reviews online and from fans.  It also earned the band a SPOTLIGHT feature in the Dayton Daily News.   
     Chuck was excited by this initial success and encouraged to continue writing music in preparation for a sophomore album.   But, as life does sometimes, adventures are placed on the path.   This adventure just happened to be called, The Whiskey Bombs.  Chuck was asked to join the band The Whiskey Bombs as their lead singer and 2nd guitarist.  They immediately started writing and recording demos while playing  gigs across parts of Ohio, including the Dayton treasure, Canal Street Tavern.   Sadly,  before it could really get going,  it was over.  The demos were shelved until recently when they were re-examined and released exclusively through SoundClick where the first single,  Incomplete , went straight to  #1

     With the conclusion of The Whiskey Bombs, work once again began on the follow up to  Into The Light .   Several projects were completed for the writers challenge, RPM, and the best of those became,   Is There Anybody Listening .    Many more years and RPM Challenges would again pass before the 3rd album would see the light of day.   Who Watches the Watchers   was released and spawned 2 top ten singles.  Half a Lie  went to  #4  and  Tin Man  became the band's first  #1 hit.  In 2020, feeling the weight of the pandemic and  looming presidential election, Something Picaso recorded and released four singles.  All four singles landed in the top 10 with two going all the way to  #1
      In 2021, with the help of family and friends, the holiday album,  FraGeeLay.   was released.  The holiday album contained 3 cover songs and 1 original.  The band's version of Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) earned them another  #1  song.
      Early 2022 saw the release of the 5 song EP, THE MOURNING AFTER.  The first single, My Eternity, shot to  #1  on the SOUNDCLICK charts and by the end of the year it was getting play on 3 radio stations in the mid-west.   For Christmas 2022,  SOMETHING PICASO released the holiday single, JOLLY OLD SAINT NICHOLAS.  It became a staple on Hamilton, Ohio's ROOSTER ROCK RADIO playing 3 or 4 times a day throughout the holiday season.  A dream come true for the band.   
     2023 will see the band exploring a more acoustic side with new music coming very soon after the new year.  Chuck will also be teaming up with David Blue in a project called DBCB. 

You can hear Something PiCaSo right here: 


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Song Of The Month Is From HelosBonosLiar


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This was a fantastic interview with the Super Distorter guys from Michael Fisher (Animal Souls).

326091893_721519145985822_3893551216404231201_n.jpg The FishMix on Mixposure.com (Wednesday February 1, 2023)

  Click that link to hear the podcast. 

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Halloween Song Contest 2022!

By JimsAE, 2022-10-16

Halloween Song Contest! Winner of the contest was announced October 31, 2022. And the winner was Warrioth & Rowley Someone At The Door, and you can hear it right here: https://mixposure.com/the-jammiestbitsofjam/audio/31393/someone-at-the-dooreverything-but-the-kitchen-sink-remix


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It is out! The new CD Nymphomania Blues from Ron D Bowes is out! 

Band Page

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It was suggested by Ron Bowes that we should have an Outstanding Fan Award, and that the best person on the site to receive that award should be none other than Moe Quinn ! A wonderful suggestion for a great fan. Maureen has been to practically every show, has supported the many artists, even purchasing their music. Congrats, Moe! This is well deserved! 


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