Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Sea of Endless Blood

album: Rebirth
genre: alt rock
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  Song Lyrics
Sea of Endless blood Their hands stay clean as they watch from on high,  while they send the young to seas of endless blood to die. So that things will...
Sea of Endless Blood
Gary Dabrowski
05/28/20 09:50:37AM @gary-dabrowski:
potent and very well done song Lorne...unfortunately, that's the way the kingdoms of earth are established, inflicting pain and misery on mankind...it is impossible for mankind to rightly govern himself...the hope we have for everlasting peace, prosperity and happiness will only occur when the Kingdom of God is established on the earth...that is promised to come by The Eternal in His time...
05/27/20 09:53:24AM @lorne-reid:
Hola Farrell!! I tried making the happiest, most upbeat anti war song I could!!! Threw in some corruption and conspiracy for added joy!!!
Farrell Jackson
05/27/20 09:36:22AM @farrell-jackson:
You've fallen into a dark hole with this one Lorne. It sounds like a good soundtrack to a horror movie. A great recording and mix. The vocal interplay is cool!



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