Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Dreams- The Cuzn's. F Jackson, R Bowes, JRodz, L Reid

album: colabs
genre: Rock
streams: 28

Dreams- The Cuzn's. F Jackson, R Bowes, JRodz, L Reid
09/10/20 11:53:19AM @david-c-deal:
Fine dark side power rock!
carol sue
09/09/20 07:54:21PM @carol-sue:
Roadie cheerleader here to cheer you guys on! ::yeah:: :)
Cuz I can! :) Well, you rocked my pom pom's!
Bravisimo!! *****

09/09/20 07:01:28PM @ronbowes:
Turned out nicely. Great to get the cuzns back together. Cool job by all. Thanks for the great comment @thedicklayman ;-)
09/09/20 05:00:17PM @thedicklayman:
This is such unique song. A very heavy sound but balanced nicely with some great vocals/harmonies. Killer solo(s). I really enjoyed this one. Hats off to all involved.

Farrell Jackson
09/08/20 07:16:00PM @farrell-jackson:
Another fun Cuzins Project....thanks for the heads up and great work Cuzins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A cool mix Lorne. Smokin' bass Bowes and burning solos Lorne and Joseph!

Cuz Farrell

09/08/20 05:34:57PM @josephrodz:
Thanks for invite me to this amazing project.
09/08/20 02:10:54PM @lorne-reid:
Huge thanks to the Cuzn's for their great contributions!!!


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