Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

Do It (feat. Carol Sue)

album: colabs
genre: Acid Funk porn
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Do It (feat. Carol Sue)
carol sue
09/18/20 07:58:28AM @carol-sue:
Thanks for doing this funky track with me @lorne-reid :)
Cheers~ @ronbowes + @josephrodz :)
Sure appreciate you guys taking the time to listen, comment + even spinning this in your shows!
Do it.. do it.. do it! Have a blessed day! (and every day)

09/15/20 07:53:52PM @josephrodz:
Wow this song does have a lot of potential and rhythm, Carol's voice sounds very sexy with Lorne's accompaniment and good layers of funky music.
09/15/20 05:09:53AM @ronbowes:
Another fabclab. Cool off the wall track. Well done you two! ;-)
09/14/20 09:41:33AM @lorne-reid:
I know all the players were having flashbacks!!! Great job ya done did on this!!! Maybe we can try Goth Country gospel next???? LOL.
carol sue
09/14/20 09:33:48AM @carol-sue:
Oh, man.. this sounds like a new category.
You sure "do it" well when you deliver funk like this, Lorne!
Thanks for letting me (and Vic, lol) funk around with it. :)


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