Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

She was my 2nd Cousin (feat.The Cuzn's)

album: colabs
genre: Rock
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She was my 2nd Cousin (feat.The Cuzn's)
10/11/20 01:40:48PM @jimsae:
Heavy, snappy and with tons of great attitude! Another great track from the Cuzns!
10/10/20 07:05:21PM @ronbowes:
Ditto to what cuz Farrell said ;-)
Farrell Jackson
10/10/20 01:11:35PM @farrell-jackson:
Thank you Lorne for doing all the heavy lifting on this song and for the invite to participate!

Cuzn Farrell

10/10/20 11:11:35AM @lorne-reid:
Huge thanks to Farrell, Ronbo and Jrodz for making the Cuzn's possible!!


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