Lorne Reid
Lorne Reid

You Made Me Smile (feat. Melani cholie)

album: Wizard of Dreams
genre: Acid Funk porn
streams: 13

You Made Me Smile (feat. Melani cholie)
Eric Saitz
12/08/21 05:10:55PM @eric-saitz:
This track made me smile :) Great track!
12/07/21 11:50:33AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks 8 Tons Farrell.
Farrell Jackson
12/07/21 11:49:36AM @farrell-jackson:
Lorne, I like how you are able to place the heavy guitars into the mix without them dominating the overall sound. They are heavy and clear but still easy on the ears, if that makes sense? Great musicianship Lorne and cool vocals Melani!

BTW, I purchased Hangover on Itunes....it's a cool album!

12/07/21 11:01:41AM @lorne-reid:
Thanks Rich!
12/06/21 07:46:52PM @lodato:
There's nothin not to love here. Vocals to die for, song structure, outrageous musicianship! Thanks for the great music!!


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