Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Call Kevorkian

album: VoodooGazillion
genre: Halloween 2010
streams: 31,329

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Call Kevorkian  (Rock Satire) c2010 BMI Writer/composer, all tracks Mack Sanders Having trouble with your love life? Head full of rocks? Can't seem to reach...
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Call Kevorkian (Rock Satire) c2010 BMI writer/composer, all tracks by Mack Sanders
Call Kevorkian
04/12/15 02:16:46PM @moblack-productions:
I loving this song
Lyrical Princess
10/09/10 06:05:08PM @lyrical-princess:
I've been considering calling Kevorkian.. I think I know what I am here for though.. (lol)
This song is just awesome Mack.. Love the bits about lipstick on your nose and underwear being too tight.. hahaha... Probably how I've been looking this year. Yeah.. An atrostophy or is that catastrophy? I don't think satisfaction is ever guaranteed.. (With the exception of listening to all the wonderful music on Mix!!).. Help has found me .. I'll just call on you :) Thanks for making my day.. Brilliant Track!!

All The Best,

10/02/10 10:40:04AM @cooter:
This is so good, it's downright nasty! Nicely done on all levels, as usual, Mack. What a great listen!
09/27/10 09:33:11PM @tlt50:
Killar' intro.......What a treat....sweet guitar work...!!! LOL....the lyrics....are amazing...:)) F@@kin' fabulous... !!
WTG bro..... perfect Halloween track...... AwwwwwwwOoooooooo!!!

Larry T *****

09/27/10 08:02:53PM @dazed:
Mack I love this! The way you work a song is truly awesome. This has just a great vocal melody line on it. A killer Halloween hook also!!


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