Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Like You

album: The Sanders Brothers
genre: Crossover
streams: 351
creation date: 2018-08-16

  Song Lyrics
I was sinking fast when you pulled me from the water, I lay trembling when you brought me to dry land, In your simple way you had put my life in order, All...
  Song Information
Song title: Like You Written and recorded by Mack and David Sanders, The Sanders Brothers, c2018 BMI Photo: Rhonda Lee
Like You
08/30/18 11:13:23PM @dottiewylie:
Loving the Upbeat and The Harmonies. I think The Harmonies have a little Bluegrass sound. I love it.
carol sue
08/19/18 04:14:36PM @carol-sue:
Seen this in the new music section..
and who wouldn't want to stop in for some great music
from a great artist. ~Bravo Mack~ :)

08/17/18 07:09:07PM @david-c-deal:
More fine, mature music from you guys. Centered love... :)
08/17/18 07:00:53PM @moequinn:
thank you for sharing this song ~ initially I thought it was a song to your significant other...but, in reading the lyrics ~ I think it may be a song to God ~ a very powerful song ~ I have never met a song of yours that I have not liked
08/17/18 04:53:52PM @goldie:
Loving Your Music Mack ❤️ Great Song
08/16/18 04:05:54PM @shane:
a lot to like about this, but one thing that's really standing out, grabbing the favourable attention of my senses, is the ryhtm guitar , body and tone!!! a real excellent sound there in the way the sound is set and captured, and played. Demands another listen.


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