Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do)

album: VoodooGazillion
genre: Rock and Roll
streams: 22,899

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Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do) Mix#1 c 2011 BMI Music, Lyrics & tracks: Mack Sanders  Drums & Mix: David Sanders    Nobody ever loves me like you...
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No Body Loves Me (Like You Do) Mix#1 c 2011 BMI Music, Lyrics & Tracks: Mack Sanders Drums and Mix: David Sanders
Nobody Loves Me (Like You Do)
03/30/11 08:14:05PM @bri-an:
Ya...this just just kicks!!, love the acoustic ambience of the recording...voc's, harp, drums, guitar's bass....ka-ching.
excellent toon guys!!

03/30/11 07:45:31PM @digger-stone:
smokey vox out tonight on this one! love it! beautifully play all around, well written and produced blues right here..

well done!


Farrell Jackson
03/28/11 10:53:52AM @farrell-jackson:
Great blues Mack and David! The guy (Mack) with the golden voice comes through loud, clear, and moving once again! Cool harp Mack, is that you?


03/28/11 03:01:40AM @elanie11:
congratulation! Sanders brother..Nobody love me ( Like You Do ) brovo!! Fantastic, very strong very powerful deep voice like Elvis. I love it so much!! Wow!!! excellent work
Drum sound so great!! excellent work, Mack & David.. :)


Mista Perez
03/28/11 09:40:40AM @mista-perez:
This is yet another fine example of music at it's best. Great lyrics...great music....great recording.
03/28/11 09:29:11AM @marie-dailly:
Love it! Great song, perfect collab!
Really missed the Mackattacks!
Hope you're well & happy! :D

03/28/11 04:27:44PM @bigpete:
So nice to hear you back Mack, great blues rock track, love the loose feel to it, produced and performed just right, great drums, and its a brother thing, cool, love it when you do original stuff, you're so good damn it, lol. You write great lyrics Mack.
03/29/11 07:54:58AM @lucindra: need to worry about the Hero's shame or anything else for that're a hero at the top of the game !!!! this blues drive !! and David Rock !!
04/03/11 12:06:26PM @the-sorrows-of-the-languedoc:
Gritty backing to smooth vocal performanc. Most enjoyable. ftlpope
03/29/11 09:19:24PM @tlt50:
Fantastic...Sanders Brothers.... Music.!! :)))Exceptional....groove...killar' musicianship...!! Harp and vox... superb.... Bro's I just dig the vibe of this...!! Keep them coming...:)) *****


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