Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders
Mack Sanders

Walk Like That

album: VoodooGazillion
genre: Rock and Roll
streams: 22,696

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Walk Like That Fake drum version mix-5 Written and recorded by Mack Sanders c2011 BMI She got a  job, a  nine to five, making just enough money to stay...
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Walk Like That Fake drum version mix-5 written and recorded by Mack Sanders c2011 BMI
Walk Like That
04/21/15 07:27:16PM @brendances:
Fantastic rock song. I just love everything about this song The energy is amazing.. Love to see you and David do this together. Love the gruff voice... Just wonderful
05/05/11 08:53:01AM @lucindra:
Heh know I'm diggin' this track...!!....enjoyed the sneak preview before you released it....this track needs to be mainstream.....I'll make some calls.....get ready !
05/05/11 03:26:10AM @elanie11:
Excellent work Mack, you can sing anything, You shake the whole house..You rokkkkkkkkkkkkkk! love the growling voice!! so powerful.wtg, Bravo..the best rock song. You are amazing!Excellent
mahal kita, Apple :)

05/05/11 07:40:52AM @dave-meredith:
Great USA rocker!!.. Riffs, stuffed snare and bouncy bass and kick... and to top it all off a voice that sits perfect for this genre..Heard a bit of your work Mack and you can really pull out the stops for your vocals, no matter whether its gritty or smooth... Great ROCKER man!!.. All the best


Farrell Jackson
05/04/11 04:00:54PM @farrell-jackson:
Let's RAWK Mack! Cool harp and guitars! I'm not used to hearing the growl in your voice but it fits you well! This does rock with some power....well done as I nod my head in time with the snare!


05/04/11 04:26:59PM @bri-an: ya go!! full tilt Mack, ya...this is a great side of you coming out !!
rawkin toon...excelllent vocals!!

05/04/11 07:59:39PM @jusananomaly:
great job Mack, massive energy. I could see a whole stage rocking on this one.
05/06/11 01:32:18PM @david-c-deal:
Nice work Mack. Getting harder and harder core Mr. Mack. Suits you.


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